SENSES Mixed Media
Mile 44
November 16th 2022
Los Angeles, CA

SENSES, a group art show, was an exploration of various mediums that push boundaries and have the ability to invoke our senses.
We put together a group of local emerging artists to showcase their work to our community and beyond, some for their first time.
We curated the environment to put our guests at ease by creating a mini lounge room with photography zines and a full bar.
Curators: Thaly Zollinger and Steven Sprague

Artists: Yoshua Bloom, Troy Scat, KAANG, Mikio Nobumoto Metoyer, Kyle Jaynes, Leeban Farah
Ariel Steinbach, Charity Jolivette, Keitaro Cloward, Zoe Alameda, Rachel Dirk, Nicholas Woltersdorf
Billary Baguette, Richard Alvarez, Claire Bahian, Drew Alabi

Sponsors: Dulce Vida Tequila, Ashland Hard Seltzer, Mile 44

Photography: Maddy Rotman