Objects of Desire
March 22 2023
Los Angeles, CA

Artists: Abby Zuck, Ellie Chen, Mariah Krey, Marley White, Sophronia Cook, Carmen Kelly
Food Installation: Blu Most

Sponsors: Ghia, Unearthen

Photography: Maddy Rotman and Keegan Burckhard

Objects of Desire was an exploration of the intimate and inanimate. Hosted in Uneathen’s studio, the handmade shelves and floors were adorned with jewlery, ceramics, and found objects, and custom made furniture from a group of five artists. A food-as-art installation and handwritten poetry worked to keep guests engaged and comfortable in the candlelit environment. As always, the room was curated to reduce friction amongst strangers, creating a welcoming environment while showcasing art in the most attractive and thought provoking way. 

Curated by: Thaly Zollinger