Group Art Show
March 31 2022
Los Angeles, CA

Bringing together various mediums in an office-turned-gallery, we curated the space to feel like a living room so that guests felt at ease and encouraged to stick around.
A large table with art books, zines and a custom made bouquet sat in the center of the room accompanied by living room decor and ambient lighting where appropriate.

Curators: Thaly Zollinger and SJ Spreng
Artists: Marley White, Jung Yun, Cheyann Washington, Lauren Kim,
Federico Daiup, Christopher Garcia, Yujin Tsuruo, SJ Spreng,
Sara Lemieux, Tina Tona, Maddie Obrien

Zines: The Wine Zine, Small Spells, Valerie J. Bower

Sponsors: BOLD LA, Ghia, Bev, Ali