Mother Mother by Katy Krantz

Mother Mother

New Work by Katy Krantz

(On view October 12th – November 16th, 2017)

“We’re born in bodies and that in itself is a vulnerable situation.” —Allen Ginsburg

Mother Mother, there’s far too many of us crying.”— Marvin Gaye

I began making these sculptures shortly after the 2016 election.  Donald Trump’s unthinkable victory felt like a punch in the gut. Leaning, heavy, headless, full of gaps and holes, the forms are a physical manifestation of my current anxieties.  They are raw and point to the inherent vulnerability of the the body and how some bodies are more vulnerable than others.

I tried to take the clay as far as it would go.  In some cases, the piece actually collapsed or became too heavy on one side to stand up.  As a result, I became interested in using other forms as prosthetics and props to help the sculptures balance.  For instance,Sheila” will not stand upright without the counterweight of the beaded necklace.

Taken from the first line of the Marvin Gaye song, What’s Going On,” the show is titled Mother Mother” because I see that phrase as both a plea and a lamentation.  It’s also a reference to my my own work as a mother.  A lot has happened in the seven years since I first exhibited my work at Saffron. In these tumultuous times, it feels right to exhibit these odd and intimate pieces while reuniting with old friends.


Katy Krantz earned her MFA from CUNY, Hunter College and her BA from UC Santa Cruz.  She has exhibited widely, showing her work at such venues as the Oakland Museum and the Richmond Art Center, both in California, as well as the City Museum of Cuernavaca, in Mexico.  She has had solo shows at IKO IKO space in Los Angeles, Totokaelo in Seattle and Saffron in Brooklyn.  Her work was included in the 2016 book, “Ceramics: Contemporary Artists Working in Clay.” She lives and works in Los Angeles, California.